Whether you need a light spell check or a full rewrite, I can help you put your words in order.

I offer the following editing services:

  • substantive editing: clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure
  • stylistic editing: clarifying meaning, eliminating excess words, and ensuring language and tone are appropriate for audience
  • copy editing: editing grammar, spelling, and punctuation; checking for consistency throughout manuscript
  • rewriting: creating a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript based on the author’s content and research
  • fact checking: verifying accuracy of facts and/or quotes
  • indexing: creating an alphabetical list of terms, subjects, etc.,┬ácontained in the manuscript

(For more detailed definitions of different types of editing, see Definitions of editorial skills, courtesy of the Editors’ Association of Canada.)

If you are interested in my services and would like a quote, or if you just have questions about editing in general, please contact me.

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