Travel writer, editor and (clumsy) adventurer: that’s me.
Hit the road and write about it: that’s what I do.

Well, that’s not all I do, although it does seem to be what I’m most known for. I’m also an editorial service provider based out of Toronto, Canada, and the content marketing specialist for Intrepid Travel’s Urban Adventures, a day tours operator specializing in local and responsible travel.

In addition to covering national and international travel stories, I also write about food and drink, health, small business management, finance and human resources for various publications across Canada. My writing has appeared in newspapers, in magazines and on websites, and I have edited books, newsletters, business proposals and marketing materials for the real estate, business, legal, government and information technology sectors.

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Good communication is key to success. Whether it’s a marketing piece advertising your business or an internal memo going out to staff, if your words are unclear or your message is unorganized, you risk confusing—and losing—your audience.

But writing clean, crisp copy can be difficult. Sometimes you need someone to help put a concept into words, and sometimes you need someone to clean up the words that are already there. As a professional writer and editor, I offer both services to help ensure your words make easy reading for your audience.

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